A Disability Attorney in Savannah Explains How to Prepare for a Disability Hearing

When it comes to preparing for your disability hearing, common sense is key. As a disability attorney in Savannah can tell you, show up early, wear appropriate clothing and keep quiet about your case.

Get There Early

It is best to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled hearing, unless your counsel tells you otherwise. That is plenty of time, despite what your hearing notice may say about showing up early to review your case. Your attorney already went over your case, so you don’t need to. However, never show up late. These hearings almost always start on schedule.

Dress Appropriately

As for dress code, think casual but smart. A disability lawyer in Savannah can tell you that this is an informal court appearance, so fancy attire isn’t required, but you should look neat and clean. Comfortable is fine, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Stay Close-Lipped About Your Case

disability attorney in SavannahDisability hearings are serious, so avoid making jokes or any rude comments. A disability attorney in Savannah can tell you that it is best if you don’t say anything, anywhere before or after your hearing. It may be detrimental to your case if someone overhears something in the hallway or outside the hearing office. Any Social Security employee that may be around could get the wrong idea about you or what they overheard you say. And last but not least, silence your cellphone or don’t bring it to the hearing.

Contact a Disability Lawyer in Savannah for Assistance

These tips are critical when it comes to disability hearings. If you need legal advice, contact a disability attorney in Savannah at Durden Rice & Barfield, P.C.: 888-705-8672.