How to Apply for Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration has three options for you to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Potential applicants may call the Administration directly, appear in person at their local Social Security office, or make an application via the Internet. A knowledgeable Atlanta disability lawyer can further advise you with regard to the application process if you find that you need help.

If you would prefer to complete your SSI or Social Security disability application by phone or in person, you must first call the Administration’s 800 number (1-800-772-1213). If you decide to go to your local Social Security office to fill out the application in person, the worker who answers the 800 number will set up an appointment for you and provide you with directions to the appropriate office. He or she should inform you about what documents you will need to bring as well.

If you choose to apply for benefits via telephone, you will be provided with a date and time to expect a telephone call from someone at the agency who will take your application over the phone. Once you have completed that part of the process, you will then receive the application in the mail for you to sign and send back to the agency.

If you find that using the Internet may be your easiest option, you can apply at However, if you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you cannot complete that application online.

As you progress through the process of trying to get benefits, one of the most important things that you as an applicant should remember is to provide the Administration with any and all the information that it asks for in an uncomplicated manner.  Always be honest and be sure not to embellish or minimize your disability. Also, when you are asked to fill out a disability report for the agency, make sure that you fully explain how your impairments keep you from being able to work. If you believe that you would benefit from the services of an Atlanta disability lawyer, please call Martin & Jones for a free consultation.