A Statesboro Social Security Disability Attorney Explains the Duration Requirement

One question often asked of a Statesboro Social Security disability attorney is regarding the duration requirement. The duration requirement is an important aspect of the Social Security disability process, as it can help determine whether you will be granted or denied benefits.

Guidance From a Statesboro Social Security Disability Lawyer Is Crucial

Statesboro Social Security disability attorneyYour Statesboro Social Security disability attorney can guide you through the complexities involved in meeting the duration requirement. Essentially, the duration requirement states that your impairment must be expected to last for an uninterrupted 12-month period, unless the impairment is expected to be fatal. The 12-month period can include time prior to the current date.

If your tends to come and go, you may still meet the duration requirement if your impairment sufficiently restricts your activity on a continuous basis. Your Statesboro Social Security disability attorney can clarify whether your situation satisfies the duration requirement.

Duration Requirement Denials

You’re most likely to be denied benefits if the 12-month length of impairment has not been met, and it is considered probable that your condition will improve within the next 12 months.

If there’s some doubt as to whether your condition will meet the 12-month requirement, it’s possible that your case will be delayed long enough to observe the progress of your condition. Your hearing could then be delayed long enough for a 12-month period to have passed. In that situation, the past 12 months will be evaluated to determine whether you have met the duration requirement. Your Statesboro Social Security disability lawyer can provide crucial guidance through that process.

The Duration Requirement Could Prevent You From Receiving Your Benefits

If you need Social Security disability benefits, the duration requirement could cause your benefits to be denied. Contact a Statesboro Social Security disability attorney at Durden Rice & Barfield, P.C. in order to have a legal professional guide you through the process. Call today at (888) 705-8672.