A Statesboro Social Security Disability Hearing Explains Who Will Be at Your Hearing

At your disability hearing before the administrative law judge, only a limited number of people will be allowed to be present besides you and your Statesboro Social Security disability lawyer.


Statesboro Social Security disability lawyerYou will be seated at a conference table, and if the judge has called a vocational or medical expert to testify, the witness will also sit at the table. There will also be an assistant to the judge operating the recording device or the computer.

You are usually allowed to bring observers and witnesses if you want them to testify on your behalf.  Talk to your Statesboro Social Security disability lawyer about whom you should bring and whether they should testify. However, keep in the mind that the hearing is private, and any observers must have the judge’s permission to be there if they are not being called as witnesses.

Relax—Hearings Are Informal

Your Statesboro Social Security disability attorney will try to get you to relax before the hearing. It should not be a stressful situation, because hearings are informal events. The judge knows that if you are relaxed, you will be as honest and forthcoming as possible, which is all the judge (and your Statesboro Social Security disability attorney) wants from you. They just want to hear your story.

Although the hearing is informal, there are some formal procedures that your Statesboro Social Security disability lawyer will warn you about. You must testify under oath, and you cannot ask anyone else in the room to answer questions for you.

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